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Choosing a Good Microbiological Testing Lab

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer, you need an outside laboratory to carry out tests at some point. No matter the size of your company, you will need an outside lab at some point. Outside laboratories offer a number of services including microbiological, nutritional, product development, and chemical tests among others. Selecting a good laboratory isn’t easy. And you can’t forego choosing a good enough lab since you have to get quality tests done on your products.

When choosing a testing lab, the first thing you should ask for is an ISO certification. This certification is one of the best and it is applicable wherever you are in the world. Before being awarded an ISO certification, laboratories have to undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing procedure to determine the methods they use, equipment they have, and quality of their services. However, this shouldn’t be the only thing to look for since labs may have not started offering the service you are looking for by the time the ISO certification was awarded.

Big companies need a large lab that is capable of handling a huge volume of work. The laboratory you select needs to contain the best equipment and qualified staff to use recommended methods and provide accurate tests. A good laboratory needs to understand your needs and use the right methods to determine various factors in your products. The lab you select needs to be able to understand your products first since it is the products that determine the tests to be done and the equipment to be used.

It is important to get a laboratory that is capable of providing results quickly. A good number of clients requires immediate results meaning that labs should be equipped with the latest technology equipment which can carry out precise outcomes much faster. The laboratory also needs to address timelines since some tests usually take longer. It should, therefore, provide a list of methods used and how fast results can be delivered.

One should inquire for the references before trusting a lab to work on your products. Question operation for the references having related products to size that you need to test. Determine the results the references go and if they were served well beyond the lab tests results. Ask about their entire experience and the quality of the tests.

Finally, check if the lab has a pickup program to collect samples from your business and take them straight to their laboratories. If they don’t operate within your period, you can go ahead and consider cost and any inconveniences that you can undergo so as to deliver products. Weight them against the benefits of using the lab. Ensure you pick labs that offers real value for your money and is able to deliver accurate and precise results.

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