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All You Need To Know About Road Tax Fines In The UK

There is a variance in tax policies implemented by different nations. This is because every state need finances to start a new project as well as run the day to day finances. Among others, UK has implemented road taxes as one of the ways to increase their revenue. The UK introduced a policy that for any diesel engine vehicle purchased, the owner is supposed to pay taxes varying between 15to 500 Euros. This article outlines all you need about U.K tax system.

For those owning diesel vehicles, they are expected to be charged a higher tax compared to those owning petrol vehicles. A petrol-driven automobile emits fewer fumes as opposed to diesel engine, therefore, it would be unfair to impose similar taxes on both vehicles. After the tax review, the less emitting diesel vehicles received a 20 Euros tax and for the more emitting diesel engine, a 500 Euros fine was added. To promote fairness and equity, this policy was implemented in all regions in UK.

So that you may not fall on the wrong side of the law, there are various ways that you can use to check the deadline for paying your road tax. There is the introduction of DVLA which sends a notification to registered users to alarm them that the road tax renewal rate is fast approaching. You can also go online and visit the road tax website to confirm when the repayment is due. All you will need to access this information is typing your car serial number.

You also need to know that it is impossible to transfer the road tax from one vehicle to another. This indicated that the extra road tax collected will henceforth be termed void for the similar car. You will, therefore, be required to immediately renew the tax for the automobile. The extra amount can be reclaimed only if the previous owner files for a refund. What has raised concerns is that the government will be able to collect tax twice in the month that the car exchanges ownership hands.

If you fail to pay for your automobiles, there are a number of penalties that you are going to get. First and foremost you will receive an 80 Euros fine for the offence committed. If you decide to comply with the fine and make an early payment, you may be lucky enough to receive a reduction. For those who shill delay in paying the after fine, you may face court charges and get a 1000 Euros fine.

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