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Uses of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug component of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis Sativa is a tropical plant with leaves which have saw-like edges. Depending on the region, marijuana has different slangs. Marijuana can be used either for recreation purposes since it causes relaxation and joy or for medical purposes. In many states, use of marijuana for recreational purposes is unlawful. A doctor is the only professional who is supposed to administer medical marijuana. Medical marijuana includes vaporizers, edibles, tablets, oil, and beverages. For treating and preventing spreading of diseases, marijuana can be used. Medical MD, who carry out research on the uses of marijuana in medicine discovered this. Below are the major importance of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is appropriate in the treatment of cancer. Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal growth of cells. The medical MD administered medical marijuana to a breast which was affected by cancer. A few days later, the multiplication of the cancer cells had halted and the cells were less aggressive. Medical marijuana is therefore recommended for cancer patients in order to control the spreading of the cancer cells and reduce the effects of cancer.

Medical marijuana is effective in treating epilepsy. A disease characterized by loss of consciousness as a result of an attack on the brain is known as epilepsy. This is a life-threatening disease since it can cause drowning, burns, and injuries in case the patients falls in a river, falls on fire or hits a hard surface respectively. After administering medical marijuana to epileptic rats, the medical MD discovered that the rats spent more hours without experiencing the epileptic seizures. Doctors should, therefore, recommend medical marijuana to epileptic persons.

Medical marijuana can be used in boosting appetite. The loss of appetite is the feeling of inability to eat food. Marijuana is known to boost appetite, especially in HIV/AIDS patients. The cannabidiol in marijuana is known in accelerating metabolism. This enables the HIV/AIDS patients to have a healthy and longer life.

Arthritis is used in treating arthritis. Arthritis causes pain, lack of sleep and inflammation of joints. The medical marijuana will, therefore, help in controlling both arthritis and its effects.

Medical marijuana is used in relieving pain. Patients undergoing painful medical processes such as surgeries are administered with marijuana in order to reduce pain. It brings about a soothing effect and reduces nausea. Patients with painful injuries and wounds can also use medical marijuana.

Patients with heart diseases are also administered with medical marijuana.

These are the main medical importance of marijuana.

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